Park 33

Situation Analysis

DLPR partnered with local restauranteur to revitalize a modest hometown family restaurant and transform it into a trendy bistro, nightclub, and event space.

Additionally, the client tasked us to produce a New Year’s Eve grand opening celebration.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Event Production


  • Although part of the booming Downtown Freehold district, the restaurant’s location one mile away – posing a challenge to visibility and foot traffic.
  • Due to the owner’s multiple rebranding attempts in the past, customer loyalty and event bookings declined, significantly impacting the venue’s reputation and financial stability.
  • Intensified competition from new event venues, including those within Downtown Freehold, added pressure to differentiate and attract patrons.
  • Limited foot traffic from the business district hindered the restaurant’s ability to capture lunch crowds, affecting daytime revenue potential.


Utilizing research and analytics, DLPR conducted comprehensive research and analysis of the venue’s market landscape. This involved studying demographic trends, consumer preferences, and competitor strategies. Through this process, DLPR identified untapped audiences and opportunities for expansion within current target markets.

Through comprehensive market research and analysis, DLPR identified a gap in the local hospitality landscape, noting a demand for innovative dining experiences coupled with lively entertainment options. Leveraging this insight, DLPR collaborated with the client to carve out a distinct identity in the local hospitality market. The overall strategy was to create a destination that would convey a sophisticated yet welcoming ambiance that would resonate with guests seeking culinary excellence, nightlife entertainment and a space to create lasting memories with friends and family.


(Re)Branding Strategy:

The rebranding initiative encompassed a multifaceted approach, including renovations, menu enhancements, employee SOPs, and the introduction of dynamic entertainment programming. DLPR and the client worked closely to modernize the venue’s aesthetic, creating an inviting ambiance that would appeal to the target audience. Additionally, they curated a diverse menu featuring innovative culinary creations, as well as signature cocktails and craft beverages to complement the overall experience.

Additionally, DLPR focused on expanding outreach to build and educate targeted audiences about the restaurant’s grand opening as well as the revamped event model. We partnered with local chambers of commerce, networking groups, and event and nightlife influencers to help build anticipation and buzz around the launch and use of the event space for social or business gatherings.

Built Strategic Partnerships:
DLPR forged strategic partnerships with local chambers of commerce, businesses, networking groups, and influencers. These partnerships assisted in leveraging to build anticipation and generate buzz around Park 33’s grand opening. Additionally, collaborations helped to grow Park 33’s reach and enhance its brand visibility.

Media Relations:
DLPR developed and executed a robust media relations campaign targeting local and state press, food and nightlife outlets, niche bloggers, online community groups and local influencers.

By strategically disseminating press releases throughout various stages of the branding process and engaging with key influencers, DLPR effectively generated excitement and garnered positive publicity for the grand opening.

Social Media Strategy:
Created social media channels and used them to tell the story of Park 33 by walking the audience through the real time concept, vision, venue, remodeling, menu development, drink specialties, nightlife entertainment, and event opportunities.

  • Brand Strategy

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Media Relations

  • Web Design

  • Content Marketing


The New Year’s Eve launch event achieved remarkable success, with a 300% increase in sales compared to the previous year.

Featured articles in various local, state and niche media outlets and recognition in New Jersey Dining Out Magazine elevated the venue’s visibility and prestige within the local culinary scene.

DLPR newly remodeled event sales and marketing initiatives secured bookings for corporate and social events six months in advance, with a projected sales forecast of $200,000, representing a 100% increase from the prior year’s annual event revenue of $100,000. Park 33 became the premier Sweet 16 party destination and was featured on a few episodes of MTV’s hit show: My Super Sweet 16.

Average weekend nightlife revenue reached $12,000 per night, reflecting sustained growth and popularity within the community.

Additional Initiatives and Impact:

Two months prior to the grand re-opening – DLPR was tasked with capitalizing on the anticipated buzz by creating and promoting a Thanksgiving Eve event. DLPR decided to offer local audiences a sneak peek of Park 33 nightlife and curated enticing drink specials and procured top-tier DJ’s for evening. Additionally, DLPR created and executed a comprehensive media relations strategy, incorporating collaboration with local influencers and a targeted social media campaign. This effort resulted in an extraordinary 1150% increase in sales compared to the previous year.

DLPR created Park 33 Express Lunch. Aimed at the local business clientele, a special lunch menu was curated that guaranteed guests would be in an out of the restaurant under an hour. The lunch was a huge success and due to demand from local businesses allowed the restaurant to be open for lunch five days a week for the first time in five years.

The strategic implementation of DLPR’s action plan resulted in significant success for Park 33, including heightened visibility, increased foot traffic, and enhanced brand recognition within the community.


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