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Situation Analysis

Integrated Care Concepts and Consultation, LLC (ICCC) is a behavioral healthcare center that offers a comprehensive continuum of care that blends traditional and holistic approaches to mental well-being.

In direct response to seeing the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health, ICCC stakeholders decided it was an opportune time to fulfill their longstanding dream of hosting an integrated mental health conference.

They envisioned an event that brings together practitioners, leaders, and advocates in mental health, behavioral health, and holistic wellness and takes a deeper dive into exploring the collaboration between psychiatry, psychotherapy, and mind-body modalities to effectively treat the mental well-being of patients.

Deirdre Lopian Public Relations, LLC (DLPR) was tasked with creating, developing, and executing the inaugural New Jersey Integrated Mental Health Conference. (NJIMHC).

  • Brand Strategy

  • Integrated Communications Strategy

  • Event Production

  • Social Media Strategy


DLPR has extensive experience producing events across various industries and scales. However, orchestrating a conference of this detail, operating as a solo practitioner partnering with a first-time organization on a tight budget, posed a unique challenge.

  • To ensure effectiveness, DLPR formed the NJIMHC Event Team, additionally, DLPR created a 15-month timeline that functioned as a strategic roadmap, ensuring the team stayed organized and on track throughout the entire planning process.


Brand Story: Partnered with stakeholders’ web developer and graphic designer to ensure the logo and website aligned with the vision.

Created, Executed, and Managed Event: The nine-and-a-half-hour conference featured 16 speakers, two keynote sessions, nine workshops, three vendor visits, breakfast, and lunch.

Identified and Booked Speakers: Leveraged professional relationships to identify and secure speakers and develop workshop topics.

Procured Sponsors: NJIMHC team partnered on outreach and engagement to secure sponsors that aligned with event message.

Content Creation: Created promotional materials and ensured theme and key messages were incorporated into all traditional and digital content, including Eventbrite registration page, sponsorship kits, postcards, brochures, banners, website, social media content, and email blasts.

Produced and Managed VIP Kick-Off Event: To express gratitude and foster loyalty, stakeholders hosted a VIP event the evening before the conference to celebrate partners, sponsors, and speakers. Held at the venue, exhibitors were able to set up their tables while indulging in a six-foot artisan charcuterie board and networking with fellow VIPs. The prominent display of sponsor logos on all TVs added to the excitement of the upcoming conference.

Secured State Senator Vin Gopal: Sen. Gopal, a Mental Health Advocate, opened NJIMHC,underscoring his commitment to supporting NJ mental health services.

Secured Event Videographer & Photographer: Captured images and video of VIP event, speakers, sponsors, and workshops.

Developed and Distributed Post-Event Survey- For our inaugural conference, we needed to gauge success and gather feedback for future events. Survey yielded a 24% response rate.

Afternoon panel discussion


Exceeded registration goal by 164% and the sponsorship acquisition by 107%.

Objective 1 – Announce to and engage with target audience a unique event that explores integrated mental health modalities with networking opportunities.

Audience was comprised of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, addiction specialists, school counselors, government employees, art therapists, dietitians, yoga instructors, and personal trainers to name a few.

82% were satisfied with the variety of topics

92% found the conference provided valuable networking opportunities

BONUS: While primarily for NJ, attendees and sponsors also came from NY, PA, and MA. We sold two tickets to individuals in the UK and Australia who found us through Google, but they needed a refund due to visa issues.

Objective 2 – Attendee and Sponsor Goals

Registration revenue surpassing our goal by 164%

Sponsorship goal was exceeded by 107%. We also offered speakers tables resulting in us having to pause sponsorship sales at 40 tables due to capacity.

BONUS: Curated seven databases totaling 492 contacts.

91% of sponsors found NJIMHC valuable in terms of brand exposure and new client opportunities

Obj. 3: Establish a foundation for NJIMHC to evolve into an annual conference. Survey Results:

90% of respondents would consider attending NJIMHC in 2024

90% would recommend attending NJIMHC to their professional network

90% of sponsors responded they would sponsor NJIMHC in 2024

At this time, the second annual NJIMHC conference is scheduled for June 22 -23, 2024

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